ACORN 14th National Conference

Venue: PCEC Perth
PCO: Promaco Conventions

This was my first time working with perioperative nurses and I relished the experience! What a great bunch of delegates! For those of us who have successfully avoided having to have an operation in a hospital operating theatre, perioperative nurses are the ones who ..well …do…whatever needs doing there! Because you are under anaesthetic and really, have no idea of precisely what they do.

I thought I’d try to impress you by finding the origin of “peri” as in “perioperative” and came up with this:

  1. (noun, person) (Persian folklore) a supernatural being descended from fallen angels and excluded from paradise until penance is done
  2. (noun, person) a beautiful and graceful girl

    I’m happy to go with either of those, but the real explanation is that it is simply a prefix meaning “around” So perioperative means “around a surgical procedure”

    I had worked with a couple of these keynote speakers before. Professor Mary Chiarella is one of the most inspiring and dynamic nursing professionals that we are lucky to have in Australia. Plus she is immensely entertaining with a nice line in self deprecating humour. I’ve introduced her on a few occasions now and I’m never disappointed.

    Professor Bruce Barraclough I’ve known about eight years since first meeting him at the inaugural AAQHC Conference. He now works with CSIRO but still on what seems to be his life’s work in making the health system a safe place for patients and staff.

    On the final day I had the pleasure of introducing Dr. Charlie Teo. Here is a neurosurgeon for whom no job is too difficult. He has a giant of a reputation for undertaking complex operations. You might have seen Charlie in the TV program “Last Chance Surgery” on Seven. He has courted his fair share of controversy but as a lay person, I was impressed by his commitment to saving lives and his modest demeanour.

    I enjoy all the conferences I do, but I was left with a great feeling after this one. The audience was warm, appreciative and attentive and I would certainly relish the opportunity of working with them again.
    As usual, Don and Michelle from Promaco delivered a flawless performance as the PCO.
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