ASORC National Conference. Challenging preceptions – taking Rehab outside the comfort zone

May 18 – 20
PCO: Consec, Pam Neame and Stacey Rupil
Venue: The Menzies, Sydney

This was my first time working with the Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors who hold their conference in three-year cycles.

The indefatigable Ros Crawley was the convenor of this event, which featured speakers from Canada, the US and UK as well as from all over Australia.

Rachel Green kicked off the event with a powerful hour and fifteen minutes on how to keep your cool with angry or irritating people. Rachel is awesome and had the audience in stitches as she deftly took them on a journey through the sort of situations in which your patience is sorely tested.

Therese Rein, Managing Director of the Ingeus Group inspired delegates with her personal story and her philosophy on rehabilitation. She runs a multi-million dollar business organisation in seven countries and she still talks about the detail of working with people at a grass roots level.

Day 2 was designated Trevor Hawkins Day. I never knew Trevor, but he was a huge part of the rehab world and a founding member of ASORC. Trevor had passed away suddenly in late 2010 and people were still grieving for a mate, mentor and leader. His wife, Sandra, and son, Will, joined us for the conference dinner where there were some moving tributes paid.

We had a great session with two lawyers who “tried” a workers comp case. The idea was to get an insight into the thinking of each lawyer in such cases.  Hanaan Indari from Carroll & O’Dea did an admirable job representing the employee while Stewart Cameron from Hicksons took up the cudgels for the insurance company.

As usual, Pam and Stacey from Consec did a terrific job with the running of the event.

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