Association for the Blind of WA & Guide Dogs WA

Recently, I had the great pleasure of providing a half day of presentation training a group of people who were blind or living with significant loss of vision. Many of them had been blind from birth, some had lost their sight as a result of genetics and one young man had lost his over a period of 10 weeks.

All were incredibly positive and upbeat and really enthused about life. All bar one had a guide dog and for the first time in my life I developed a real appreciation for the practical independence a guide dog provides. I was staggered to hear that it costs on average $35,000 to train a dog to the stage where he or she can be of practical use to an unsighted person.

But one thing that almost blew me away was the courage of one woman who together with her dog had traveled extensively, including a trip to London! Now for me, Heathrow Airport is the world’s worst airport for …well…everything. Judith not only navigated Heathrow’s labyrinthine layout with its downright hostile customer service at every turn, but also caught the tube to central London. And she did this with just her guide dog! I simply would not be game!

As speakers and presenters, they were great and have really good stories to tell. If you are looking for a really interesting speaker, why not contact the Association for the Blind WA, talk to Mary Henry and she will find you a really good speaker.

You can also sponsor a guide dog under a range of affordable options. Mary will be able to tell you more.

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