Australia Day

Australia Day, Jan 26th. Usually my first gig of the year; the annual citizenship ceremony for the City of South Perth.

I love doing this gig. Yesterday we had seventy people who were taking out citizenship and it was interesting watching them as they took the oath or affirmation and became fair dinkum Aussies. It reminded me of when I became a citizen twenty-something years ago.

I had to hand it to the people from the Australian Electoral Commission who had a team of people there with the necessary forms for these new Australians to register on the electoral roll. Good idea! Get it done and dusted all on the one day.

The Police Commissioner, Dr., Karl O’Callaghan, had earlier in the week issued notice that the strict liquor laws forbidding the consumption of alcohol in public would be strictly policed by the WA Police. Consequently, the crowds at the fireworks were down by around 100,000.

It’s a ridiculous law that says responsible adults cannot have a beer or a glass of wine while enjoying the wonderful weather we were blessed with on our national day.

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