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The Future of Work

Lately I’ve been giving much thought to work. Not my own work, but the entire concept of work. It was prompted by what I see as the increasing prevalence of automation in workplaces and the rise in populist, nationalist movements … More

The Value of an Opening Ceremony

  Never underestimate the impact of a good opening ceremony! It can set the tone for the following days and really make delegates feel welcomed. As a conference MC one of the things I really enjoy is welcoming international delegates … More

A letter to Grahame Morris

Dear Grahame, I’ve been waiting for the dust to settle on your unfortunate comments about the Irish. Unfortunately, it keeps swirling about in tornado-like fashion both here and in Ireland. So, there is no ideal time of post-apocalypse reflection to … More

Getting more value from conferences

I’ve been mulling over why a number of conferences this year are reporting lower than usual numbers of delegates attending. I believe it’s at least partly down to the lack of real value for those who pay for delegates to … More

Questions in writing, please!

  (First published in The West Australian, Monday Feb 19) Who’d be a journo, for heaven’s sake? Not only are you pilloried by large sections of the population for simply doing your job, but the people with whom you need … More

The Sun has set on the Age of Copper

  Tony Abbot dudded himself in 2010 because of his palpable lack of understanding of even the basics of telecommunications policy. Basically it cost him the Prime ministership. His now infamous quip “I’m no tech head” may well become his … More


At the outset, let me say that I enjoy every conference at which I MC/Facilitate. If I didn’t, I’d be doing something else! But occasionally I get to do one which transcends the others and the SARRAH conference at the … More

Surgical Plume

Surgical Plume Last night I flew to Sydney to facilitate a workshop for the Operating Theatre Association of NSW. The issue was surgical plume, the smoke, particulates and other “stuff” that is released when laser equipment and other energy devices … More

CentaCare Wilcannia Forbes

Sunday August 5, 2012 I’m sitting by myself at Parkes Airport in NSW, an hour and a half ahead of my scheduled REX departure for Sydney. There is nobody about. The sky is mottled with cloud, the temperature is about … More

Voice Leaders Forum, Wellington

I’ve been to New Zealand once before, but it was a very rushed affair! On this occasion I was facilitating the Voice Leaders Forum, (November 10)an industry gathering of companies and organisations who use voice recognition for parts of the … More