Cow Parade Margaret River

Yesterday, Sunday Feb 21st, I had the honour to MC the launch of CowParade in Margaret River.

Cow Parade has nothing to do with dairying instead being an international concept which is the largest public art event in the world. It began in Chicago in 1999 and since then has been staged in over 60 cities worldwide. This is the first time it has been staged across a region and the first time it has been staged outside a major capital city. It has only ever been once to Australia before and that was to Sydney in 2001.

CowParade was brought to Margaret River by the award winning Augusta Margaret River Tourism Association (AMRTA) and the job of staging it fell to AMRTA’s Events Manager, Sharon Batley, who did a superb job.
All of the cows have been painted by artists including Robert Juniper and Ken Done and were yesterday  reclining in a paddock at the Colonial Brewing Company where hundreds of the invited guests wandered among them. This week they will be shipped to iconic locations throughout the region where they will remain on show until June. Then on July 10th they will be auctioned with proceeds going to local charities and  organisations.
You really never need an excuse to visit Margaret River, but if you really need one, a  trip to check out CowParade is good enough. Check out the website for details of where you can visit the cows
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