ISAS/FNA 21st Scientific Conference October 2 & 3

Client: International Society of Aeromedical Services (ISAS) and Flight Nurses Australia (FNA)
PCO: Kate Smith
Venue: Grand Chancellor, Hobart.

I’ve done this conference in the past always relish the opportunity of working with these professionals who combine medicine and aviation.

The theme was “Remote and Wild” and we heard some fascinating presentations on the logistics of retrieving sick and injured people from remote and hostile environments. I was particularly interested in Dr. Jeff Ayton’s presentation on a medevac from Davis Station in Antarctica in 2008. Equally interesting was Capt. Gary Studd’s dissertation on the aviation aspects and how an ice runway was created down there which can take an Airbus!

Each time I do this conference, I’m impressed with what is new; from paramedics to pilots, they are always innovating and coming up with new and better ways to rescue and retrieve patients.

Next year’s conference is in Christchurch, New Zealand and they are promising a humdinger! Click here for details.

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