Lambex Conference

Venue: Burswood, WA
Organiser: Esther Price Promotions

Over 500 people attended this event; the inaugural coming together of people involved in the many facets of the sheepmeat industry.

A local committee began work on this concept over 12 months ago and then brought Esther on board, who promptly turned it into a mega event and one that was an overwhelming success. Esther would make a good film producer!

The proceedings are now available and if you have any involvement in the sheep industry, you will find these papers very enlightening.

Of course, it wasn’t all “serious” business; we had some fun. Like the welcome reception recital of “All you need is Lamb” the Lambex song by Mixed Grill, ostensibly eight butchers singing a capella. So instead of a barbershop quartet Lambex had a butchershop octet! We also met some of Perth’s leading butchers at the welcome reception who talked with me on stage about their love of lamb and how it is gaining quickly in popularity.

But undoubtedly the star of the show was Perth butcher, Vince Gareffa, who on Friday morning in the exhibition area, butchered a lamb carcass with just a pen-knife! Vince is also the Nightline Butcher and I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on-air at 6PR from time to time. The man can talk!

The Novartis GrandsLamb dinner on Thursday night was a brilliant affair with the unveiling of the Roll of Honour; the names of one-hundred people who had contributed to the industry above and beyond the call of duty to ensure its success. WA Agriculture and Food Minister, the Hon. Terry Redman did the honours and stayed the entire night.

Entertainment was by Raymond Crowe, with whom I’ve worked on a number of occasions. He’s absolutely brilliant and a good bloke to work with. WAMMCO‘s CEO, Coll McRury was the bunny selected by Raymond for his voice-throwing act and both had the delegates in stitches.

So, where is Lambex off to in two year’s time? The WA based committee has thrown it out to the lamb industry to make a bid. I’m sure there will be takers, but 2010 will be a hard act to follow.

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