Presentation Training

Standing in front of an audience can be a daunting experience!

It is said that more people fear public speaking than death. That may sound like an exaggeration, but we’ve all known people who “die a death” before getting up to present to an audience.

Since Gerry Gannon began working as a specialist conference MC, he’s seen hundreds of people who either lack the confidence or the ability to effectively communicate with and influence their audience.

That’s why he developed “The Six Steps to Killing them from the Podium”, a half-day training workshop on presentation that aims to give people the skills to not only be good at presenting but also enjoy it.

Whether you are a company executive who needs to present to the troops, or someone who has an exciting presentation to deliver at a conference or just to address your local Rotary club, you can benefit from Gerry Gannon’s presentation training workshop.

The workshop can be delivered at your workplace, or if you’d prefer somewhere well away from it!

Get a group of up to 10 people together and begin to enjoy the sheer exhilaration of connecting with and influencing an audience!

One to one coaching is also available for those who want to progress their speaking abilities without the pressure of an audience.

Call or e-mail Gerry Gannon today for a workshop outline and find out how you can “knock ’em dead” as a presenter.


I co-founded Plexal Group and as CEO (now Chairman) have led the efforts to establish our engineering services company where today we operate in 3 countries, WA and Qld and deliver our services to a further 10 countries.  During this 10 year period I have had countless meetings and presentations to small client audiences of 20 max. delivering compelling messages that have resulted in establishing long term relationships with some of the world’s largest oil & gas companies.

Yet I had not had the experience of presenting to a large audience on stage.  July 2012 was to be that moment.  Not only would I be presenting to an audience of 150+ but also to a non oil & gas sector!  Namely Agriculture…on the surface the ability to make my presentation worthy to the paying delegates and sponsors appeared allusive at best to down right impossible.  Let alone the ‘minor’ detail of having little idea of what to expect on a stage with lights, mic’d up and large screen behind me.

In steps Gerry Gannon.  After 30 years in the game I spent one of the most valuable career development sessions I’ve had.  Gerry tested and assisted with crafting my messages that would evoke emotion in the audience – key to keeping your audience enthralled for 30 minutes.  He gave invaluable tips and tricks from the ‘simple’ task of walking on stage and greeting the audience, ensuring I did not cause death by Powerpoint to the combined use of voice power, eye contact, body language and using the power of pause.  His advice of rehearse, rehearse, rehearse paid huge dividends.

Gerry’s direct and frank approach was needed and much appreciated. Far better to be confronted in a controlled environment than finding yourself being a rabbit in the spotlight.  It gave me a huge confidence boost.

All well and good but the true test is audience feedback – I rated as one of the best speakers for the two day conference.  Gerry played a significant part to which I am most thankful!

I highly recommend Gerry to all new-comers to the presentation stage and feel he would also add value to veteran speakers.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Jones


Plexal Group


In March of 2016, I was lucky enough to be involved in Gerry Gannon’s Presentation Skills Workshop, along with a number of other members of the CareFlight management and operational team at our Northern Territory Headquarters based in Darwin.

Despite the group’s initial timidity, Gerry’s training style coupled with his vast real-life experience and quick wit ensured the ice was rapidly broken and Gerry was easily able to adapt to each member of the team, regardless of the level of experience each of us had previously had in the realm of public speaking.

Having had some degree of personal experience myself as one of the public faces of CareFlight in the NT, I found Gerry’s training to be exceptionally helpful, bringing more structure and presence to the fore to assist me in further honing my presentation skills for a wide variety of audiences.

Only a few days later, I presented to my largest and most difficult group to date, at a Darwin rugby lunch. Little old me facing down an audience of 250 burley rugby-playing, beer-swilling individuals was not a task I might usually relish. However, I embarked on the challenge with renewed vigour and confidence and to be rewarded with rapt applause and lots of very positive feedback from the audience and organisers was a real high.

Now, as a result of Gerry’s training and ongoing encouragement, I approach each and every public speaking engagement as an opportunity to spread the news about the great work CareFlight does in and for our community, despite how daunting the task and the audience may seem.

Are the nerves still there? You bet’cha! But learning, accepting and embracing those nerves and the adrenaline as a normal and integral part of the process, only makes taking on those opportunities more exciting than ever.

Thank you Gerry!

Janine Birch

Relationship Development Manager

CareFlight Northern Operations