There’s someting about flying….

I spend a lot of time on airplanes.

On average I cross the Australian continent a couple of times a month. Now, that may not be as much as some people I know (with offices in each state, Rob) but for a bloke who facilitates at conferences and essentially talks for a living, it’s quite a bit.

There’s something about flying….

I’m going to have to stop watching some movies when I fly. Because sometimes I get all soppy. And I find myself on the brink of wailing like a girl. And at movies I’d tut-tut at if I were on terra firma.

Yep, at 40,000 feet I become a soppy git at some movies and I have no idea why. Oh, maybe the two glasses of SSB might have something to do with it. Or maybe that when I travel without my wife I tend to miss her more than when I am on the ground. Odd.

But it can’t be just that. For chrissake, I used to be a journalist; a hard-bitten, cynic who had to look behind every façade to find the real truth of things. How did I get like this? This isn’t supposed to happen to people who’ve interrogated slippery politicians and other nefarious types.

Is it the pressurization of the cabin? Can’t be. I look around and I don’t see anyone else on the point of blubbering at a Woody Allen rom-com or a piece of classical music introduced by Gisele Scales. (I once woke from a sleep on the way to Brisbane almost in tears listening to the duet from the Pearl Fishers)

There’s a bloke across the aisle from me from Shell working on printed spreadsheets. I see the yellow Shell logo on a sea of figures and words. The only reason he’d tear up is if the spreadsheet wasn’t giving him what he needed. He’s perfectly composed.

Man on the inside of me at the window has read the Adelaide Advertiser from cover to cover and then fallen asleep. Murdoch press will do that to you.

Is it the combination of the SSB and Qantas catering? Is there some sort of ….dust sprinkled on the creamy pasta with peas that turns a normally sane, rational man into a semi-blubbering mess?

I have no idea why this happens to me. And I have no evidence of it happening to anyone else.

But as soon as we get to top of descent the sane, rational, cynic returns; thank Christ this is nearly over! Been a long freaking flight. Food was crap.  Thank heavens I’ll be rid of the fat bloke on my left who kept hogging the armrest. How long will I have to wait for a taxi? Hope Qantas has my bag on the same flight…….

When the wheels touch down and I reach for my phone to reconnect with the word I left some hours ago normal service has been fully restored.  Emails and messages flood in, missed calls and “call 101” take over. Sigh.

Might have been unduly soppy, but for a while there I was feeling some things that were strangely cathartic and cleansing.

But when I watch Midnight in Paris at home some weeks later it’s missing something. It doesn’t evoke the same feelings I had on the Qantas plane from …wherever it was. Nope. Not even two glasses of SSB can recreate those feelings I had.

There’s something about flying…..


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