Urban Futures

Last week I facilitated a one-day forum for the Urban Development Institute in WA. I’ve done quite a bit of work with Debra and the team there over the past few years and I like the inclusive, progressive way they go about business. I always enjoy doing events for them.

This forum looked at the future of Perth’s urban scene and will inform a document that is being shaped as we speak called “Urban Futures” It’s an innovative way of getting all the players – including Government –  to begin working together to ensure that Perth retains that which is good while making improvements that are needed.

The forum featured Professor Peter Newman, whom I’ve known since my ABC days and who has a truly inspirational vision of what we can achieve by way of a sustainable world.

Another highly engaging speaker was Brian McMahon, a transport planning specialist with Parsons Brinkerhoff. Like Peter Newman, he too has some really innovative and practical thoughts about improving the way we get around.

“Urban Futures” will be released sometime in June and if you care about Perth and its future, it’s worth getting a copy. Give Angela a call at the UDIA on 08 9321 1101

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