WA Web Awards

Man! How this thing has grown! I remember the first time we did these awards about 5 years ago. It was just a bunch of web nerds standing about eating chicken wings and drinking cheap wine. The quality of the work was great. There was a 14 year old bloke called Matt Didcoe who was literally under a table firing off the slides for the awards.

Now it’s grown to become a gala dinner – this year at the Novotel in Perth – and Matt Didcoe is shaving!

The work this year was absolutely outstanding. Check out the entries here.

But more importantly, the awards have now gone national! Yes, little old WA started something and now it’s a national event.

Well done to Miles Burke, Myles Eftos, Helen Burgess and the rest of committee who have stuck with this thing for 5 years and made it into something really special. Well done too to Rebecca Taplin and Jan Bryson from Red Horizon Events for staging not only the gala awards night, but the Edge of the Web conference.

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