WALIS Forum 2009

This was my third year facilitating at the WALIS Forum and this was the best one yet!

WALIS is WA Land Information System and is a dynamic partnership of government agencies working with business, education and the general community to manage and promote WA’s geographic information.

The latest technology on show at the expo is mind blowing. High definition imagery of streets with tools that allow you to measure the width and height of laneways, doors and roads. You can construct a building on a street and see what sort of shadow it will cast!

We had some outstanding presentations from people like former Special Minister of State, the Hon. Gary Nairn, who has been in the surveying business for over 25 years. Dr. Kristine Asch from INSPIRE brought us up to date on how the 27 countries in the European community are harmonising their spatial systems and information. Carley Tillett from Scitech had us enthralled with a stunning presentation on the universe. I felt like a molecule on an ant’s butt at the end of that one!

You know, there’s a spatial dimension to pretty much everything we do and with tools such as Google Maps, Bing, Near Map to mention but a few, we find ourselves  using spatial information on a daily basis. Most of us now have a satnav of some description in our vehicles. There’s spatial information use right there!

Big thank you to Marnie Leybourne, Melissah McKenzie and the team at WALIS and Landgate for putting together a very exciting conference.

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